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His Majesty's 24th Regiment of Foot

Airguns HQ

Alamo Central

Choctaw's Buckskinner Links


Pre-1865 Long Guns

Rev War Bibliographies

Jim Hrisoulas's Salamander Armoury Check out the books he has written!

Flintlock FAQ

Backwoodsman Magazine Online: Charlie Richie's Fine Magazine

Bang Corp

Blackpowder Hunting Magazine

Black Hart Long Arms Edwin Parry Custom Guns

Black Powder Specialties

Bradley Company of the Fox

Brain Tanning

The Brigade of the American Revolution

Double Edge Forge, High quality weapons from Samurai to Medieval swords. Be sure to take a look at their non-firing replica guns, bowie knives and medieval armor.> Historic Hunting Dogs

Civil War News

Clearwater Hat Company

African Americans in the Fur Trade

Coalition of Historic Trekkers

Colt Firearms Company

Coon'N Crockett Muzzleoader's Club Buckskinning mid-western style

The Flintlock and the Percussion Lock

Crazy Crow's Trading Post

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites

Dacotah Territory Muzzle Loaders of Aberdeen,SD

Chuck Hamsa's Reviewer's Consortium

Davide Pedersoli & Co. Replica Firearms

Fort Gaines Alabama

Deer and Turkey Expos

Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma

The Fur Trade and Historical Archeology

Dixie Gun Works

Archiving Early America Newspapers from 1750's thru 1790's

The English Civil War Society of America, Massive History Site

Civil War Battlefield Medicine

Eddie Little Bear's Tipi

Field and Stream

Jim Chambers Flintlocks, Ltd.

Florida Frontiersmen

Four Moons Rising Rendezvous

Forster Reloading

Fort Chambers Trading

Kentucky Long Rifle

Fun-A-Fair Dolls and Supplies

The Grand Army of the Republic Museum

Illinois Company of Rogers Rangers

The Great Northern Trading Company

Moscow Hide and Fur Company

Birth of the U.S. Navy

Colonial Williamsburg

The History Channel

Hog Heaven Muzzleloaders

No Bear's Den

San Diego County Muzzleloaders

Butler's Rangers

IAB Sharps Rifles

Tsalagi (Cherokee)

Hesse-Kassel Jaeger Korps

C & D Jarnaginco Company

Jas. Townsend and Son Living History Supplies

Ken Scott Handmade Hunting Pouches

The King's Arms Press

The Knife Outlet

U.S. Maps

Reproductions of Colt Lightning Rifles

The American Long Rifle Association

Lock Stock and Barrel

The Log Cabin Shop

Lyman Products Corp.

The Offical homepage of the Clan MacFarlane

The Cyber Deck of the U.S. Bark Eathan Allen

New and Used Books related to The American Civil War

French and Indian War History Links

Nathanael Greene Memorial

Costumes of Past 500 Years

Woodpecker Trading Company

Scott Allen's Homepage

Index to Military Rolls of the Republic of Texas 1835'1845

Historic Fort Snelling 1827

Mountain State Manufacting

Muzzle Blasts Magazine Online

Muzzleloading Forum

George Catlin 1796-1872

Smithsonian's Museum of the American Indian

National Muzzle Loading Association

Northwest Journal of the Northwest Brigade Club

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site

Pipestone National Park

Springfield Arsenal Museum

Valley Forge National Historical Park

October Country Store

Old Fort Niagara

Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts 1830

Ox Yoke Originals

History of Russian Settlement at Fort Ross, California

Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

Prairie Edge Trading Company and Galleries

Prickett's Fort, West Virginia

Reenactors Net

Red Dragon Music Den

History of Northern WV Panhandle

Flying Cloud Trading Company

Ruger Firearms

Salem Witch Trials

Sons of the American Revolution

Schnees Boots and Shoes

Shipwreck Beads

Smoke & Fire News

http://Sioux Trading Post

Historic Mansker's Station Frontier Life Center

Smugglers' Notch Primitive Biathlon

Old Fort Harrod State Park, Kentucky

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Southwest Moccasin and Drum

Syke's Sutlering

Tippecanoe Ancient Fife and Drum Corps

Thompson Center Arms Company

The Tentsmiths

Crazy Crow Trading Post

The Alamo

First Nations History

Traditions Muzzle Loading Guns

Images of the Civil War

Twin Otter Trading

Two Bears Trading Company

Uberti Firearms

U.S. Fire Arms Manufacturing Co. Leading New England Firearms Manufacturer of speciality historic guns including the single action army.

The Papers of George Washington

Moland House, George Washington,s Headquarters

Bushwhacker Trading

White Oak Society

Longshot's Rendezvous Homepage

Colonial Williamsburg

Northwoods Canoe Company

Fur Trade Business Records

Diaries, Journals and Letters from Mountain Men and Trappers






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